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Where’s Bear?

Ollie Young Foundation’s very own family of bears is very keen to travel around the globe! Sam Bear, Charlie Bear, Andrew Bear, Lewie Bear, Jas Bear & Alfie Bear have all set off with friends on what they hope will be exciting journeys! If you’re lucky enough to come across one of these bears, please can you help them continue their travels? We’d love to see and hear where they get to and who they are travelling with. Our map will document their travels.  Please then pass on the bears to a new companion so that they can keep travelling – if you can tell the story behind the bears that will help ensure they keep travelling!

Contact us via with your photos and stories.

If you’re not lucky enough to encounter our bears, you can still get your hands on our mini sized Ollie Bears from our shop. Keep sending us all your great photos with these bears too and we’ll post them on our Facebook, Flickr & Instagram pages too!

Bear ready to set off on travels!