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Thank you Wokingham Lions Club!

23rd May 2021

Wow!! Such amazing news. Thank you so so much Wokingham Lions Club for thinking of us and a big thank you to all who took part
“Wokingham Lions Club are happy to announce that we will donate a total of £4,500 to nine local charities. These funds were provided by more than 500 walkers who participated in The Wokingham Walk on 23rd May.”
Andy Slay, organiser of the Wokingham Walk, said: “We were very pleased with the turnout for our 6th annual walk this year. We had more than twice as many walkers as we had last year. We raised more than £6,600, and are donating £4.500 to nine worthy local charities. Since it has been a difficult time for charities to raise much-needed funds, we decided to support each of the charities that entered a team for the walk. This will leave a further £2,100 to be distributed to other local worthy causes, as needs are identified.”