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OYF donate £10,500 to Clic Sargent

2nd February 2020

We went to visit Clic Court to see how we could help Clic Sargent and the families that stay there whilst the children are having treatment at the John Radcliffe hospital.

When you are facing the unthinkable nothing else matters around you. However, the world still goes round and life outside still goes on. We met a lady called Gemma from Clic Sargent when we stayed at the JR with Ollie and little did we know at the time that she was our little financial saviour. Not working and spending all our time with Ollie meant no income. Having Gemma around meant we didn’t have to worry about the financial pressure whilst we were taking care of our son.

Because of how important that time was to us we have donated £10,500 to Clic Sargent to ease the pressure off families who are caring for their poorly children. Because at that moment in time, nothing else should matter but your child!
This money will go towards immediate needs aka ‘exceptional’ grants for things like heating, travel, clothing etc. It will also help approx. 10 families to stay at Clic Court for an average of 20 days giving them a ‘home from home‘ feel and some sort of normality whilst they deal with their life changing situation.
Thank you to all our supporters who have helped make this happen. You really have no idea how this affects you until you are in that situation so we know how vital this money is for them. 💙

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